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Products and Services
Product: In Bed with a Snake book
  • Three books in one; 146 pages
  • Comes with a complete Advice Guide 
  • $15 USD + shipping
  • or online where books are sold
Product: How To Divorce A Curse book

  • Three books in one; 183 pages 
  • Divine strategies to identify triggers and root causes toward the healing process
  • Complete Advice Guide
  • $15 USD + shipping
  • or online where books are sold
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Service: Flash Mentoring
  • Individual, group or corporate personal development in areas that need growth potential in life, business and career
  • Emotion Management Strategies
  • Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
  • Virtual or physical contractual locations
  • Fee based on case-by-case, flat or hourly rate 
Service: Training and Workshops

  • Purity or Abstinence Workshops
  • Relationship Clinic Workshops (couples & singles)
  • Sexual Immorality Workshops
  • Soft-skills Training
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